Celebrating May

  • Baby Shower for Samantha May 1
  • Wine & Cheese wI Jane on Accordion May 5
  • Bus Trip to Wegman's May 7
  • Lunch @ Champs May 8 & 29
  • May Birthday Party May 9
  • Mother's Day Brunch May
  • Breakfast Club Music Therapy May 13 & 27
  • National Nursing Home Day Sundae Social May 16
  • Bus Outing to St. Louis Sunshine Luncheon May 23

Pedal Pusher

Maybe it's the warming weather, the fresh air, or the budding flowers and trees, but May seems the perfect time to pass the hours outside. What better way to enjoy the spring air than on a bicycle? May is Bike Month.

Bikes aren't just for getting from point A to point B anymore-they are for socializing and having fun. Bike riding is an incredible form of exercise too. Riding is good for your heart, building muscle, burning calories, and improving coordination.

There are bikes for almost every type of rider or occasion. Fat-tired bikes help us bounce along rocky trails. Slender bikes allow us to race on smooth paved roads. Recumbent bikes demand that riders pedal while reclining. Tandem bikes, those bicycles built for two, have riders pedaling in unison (and doing half the work!).  There are even prone bicycles that allow you to move while lying on your stomach, "sociable" bikes that allow two riders to sit side-by-side, and "busycles" that can carry up to 15 riders.

If you need a little extra push to help you up those hills, you may consider an electric commuter bike. These ingenious bicycles utilize an electric motor that allows you to ride up to 30 miles without even pedaling. Add some pedal power, and you can ride even farther. Plug it in, charge it up, and go. Some models' even fold in half for easy storage.

If riding isn't your idea of a good time, then kick back, relax, and watch the pros pedal. From May 9 to June 1 , the greatest riders in .the world will be racing all over Italy in the Giro d'italia. The winner dons the pink jersey and all the bragging rights ... at least until July's Tour de France begins.

No Secret

What is it about living in the Mediterranean that allows people to live longer? Is it the sunshine? The red wine? Science suggests that it's the Mediterranean diet. This is no diet fad but rather a simple diet that consists of foods typical of the Mediterranean region. And, yes, the occasional glass.of red Wine is included! May is International Mediterranean Diet Month, so be sure to add a few of this region's foods to your shopping list.

All healthy diets require a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; but what makes the Mediterranean diet special? Bread is a staple in many Mediterranean countries, but the grains typically are whole grains, containing no damaging. trans fats, Moreover, .these whole grain breads are eaten plain or simply dipped in olive oil, not spread with butter or margarine. Also, salt isn't the first choice when it comes to increasing flavor. Instead, cookssprinkleon herbs and spices.

Nuts are another frequent addition to meals. Nuts are often believed to be high in fat, which is true, but they are high in healthy fats. A Mediterranean diet avoids honey-roasted or salted nuts.

Speaking of fat, olive oil is almost always the primary source of fat, used in lieu of vegetable or canola oil and butter. Olive oil helps reduce cholesterol and is full of beneficial antioxidants. Eating fish at least twice a week (and red meat only a few times a month) also increases the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which help moderate blood pressure, improve the health of blood vessels, and decrease the likelihood of heart attacks.

What about red wine? Dark red wine is known to be incredily rich in antioxidants, but many doctors hesitate to recommend alcohol as part of a healthy diet. Whatever the secret of the Mediterranean diet, studies show that it staves off heart disease and cancer and can even reduce incidences of Parkinson's and Alzhemier's. Cheers to that!

Mystery Staff Person
by Jane C.

This month's mystery person is married to his High School sweetheart, Amina. They have five children, ages 10, 7, 5, 3, and 1. He enjoys watching CNN and soccer on TV. His favorite team is Arsenal, from England. He has no hobbies to speak of, but does spend a lot of time at home reading and gardening with his children. Anyway, being the father of five doesn't leave you with much hobby time anyway!

Our mystery person is a man of faith, a Muslim who worships at a Mosque on Genesee Street. He has family in San Diego, California, and enjoys visiting them there.

Our mystery person was born (and this is the big give-away!) in Jamama, Somalia, and raised in Kenya.

New Organ in theMDR
By Donna G.

Meals eaten in the Main Dining Room are all the more enjoyable now, because of the addition of a Lowery Century Organ, donated by the Vanderwall family.

The Lowery Century provides the look and sound of a traditional organ, combined with more modern technology. It has many of the settings of an traditional organ, along with electronic programming.

And if there is no one available to play it - there's no problem! There are dozens of preprogrammed songs that can play at the touch of a button, just like the old player pianos.

However, aside from the obvious pleasures of listening to music played on the organ, I, for one, plan to spend some time playing it myself - come on down and join me!

Volunteer Dinner

On Thursday, April1ih Crest Marior honored and thanked our volunteers. Eighteen of our very good friends were able to come for a dinner and presentation of tokens of appreciation. These, plus many more who were unable to attend, give their time and talents to help make the lives of our residents happier and more

meaningful. Some bring in their dogs; some help with games and parties; some provide spiritual/religious support to groups and individuals. Still others help with lawn and garden care, keeping our home clean and beautiful. In many ways, they also provide support and encouragement to staff.

Those pictured gathered to enjoy a wonderful dinner provided by the dietary department: home-made pizza and Jasmine's famous chicken wings! Mini cupcakes topped it off perfectly. Musical entertainment was provided by Debra Branch on the piano. Everyone agreed that the meal was exceptional.

Following dinner,. each one was presented with a certificate of gratitude and a bundle of rolled candy, crafted to look like dynamite ("You're the BOMB" read the tags), made with thanks by our residents. The best part of the evening, however, was the fact that these people could meet each other. Even though they all come here; their paths rarely cross. To meet and greet one another gave all a sense of our unified purpose: Making the lives of our residents wonderful!

Webster Senior Chorus

You were no fool if yo.uspent the morning of April 1 st in the Activities Room - you had the pleasure of listening to the music of the Webster Senior Chorus!

They are a group of retirees who have chosen to fill their "golden years" with music; visiting nursing homes to share their talents with residents.

Not only are they wonderful singers, but they brought a sense of fun and enthusiasm that made the morning all the more enjoyable. We all hope to. have them back soon!