Judith Stachowski Fairport, NY - Mar 25, 2020

Thanks so much for keeping my mom and others entertained during this time of confinement for all of us. Seeing pictures of her so happy really helps.

Richard Pomponio Fairport, NY - Mar 25, 2020

Thank you so much for the wonderful care that was given to my mom for the nearly one year of her stay with you. I appreciate the efforts of everyone. I understand how difficult her care was but still was done so well. A special thanks to SW Lisa for the special attention she showed my mom and for the frequent visits with her just getting to know her.


My experience with Crest Manor was very good. The food was good and the people were pleasant and very helpful which made my stay pleasant.

Anne Lis Williamson, NY - Mar 4, 2020

During my Rehab stay at Crest Manor, everyone, the aides, nurses, therapists and anyone I had contact with were courteous, kind and helpful. I got excellent care and would recommend Crest Manor anytime!

Richard Roys Fairport, NY - Mar 3, 2020

Both times dad, Bob Roys, stayed at Crest Manor I was very impressed. The Quality of care has been excellent! The entire staff is always very friendly, kind, and willing to help. Crest Manor has exceeded our expectations and has helped rehabilitate him to where he could return home in a timely manner.

Richard Ocon/ Crest Manor Fairport, NY - Feb 27, 2020

Thank you for the most caring, professional care given to our mother, Dorothy Ocon, during her over 4 years with you. She was grateful for the personal manner that she was tendered to by all staff of the 2nd floor. How fortunate all of your patients are of Crest Manor! With a full heart of gratitude, most sincerely, Richard Ocon

Marie Rossborough Rochester, NY - Feb 20, 2020

My father has always been a very ‘heady’ introvert. He was never good at reaching out to others. Very caring but shy man. When he left today he stated that he learned something very valuable from the aids, nurses and staff at Crest Manor. He said that he learned the most important thing in life is to connect with others in much the same way that your staff was connecting with him. And from a former psychiatrist no less, to drop this to his heart! He said he is was practicing this while in rehab. He has also struggled with mild depression through his life. Where the meds he was on never seemed to fully help this, now It seems to be gone! The amazing healing that can take place when in touch with other people that care can’t be underestimated. Thank you to you and staff for modeling this! I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after all!!

Thomas Thurston Rochester, NY - Feb 18, 2020

I would rate the care at Crest Manor at 80%. I’d give them a 100, but I don’t want them to get cocky! I would be glad to come back, if they were only closer to my home in Wayne County. My physical therapist, Jody, worked me over well every time, which I what I was looking for. So many nurses and aids gave me good care, too many for me to remember all the names. Even the food was good – I especially enjoyed the macaroni salad and macaroni and cheese. I would absolutely recommend Crest Manor Living and Rehab center to others!

Peggy Clark Rochester, NY - Feb 17, 2020

It’s been a steady improvement after months of being ill and a prior hospitalization before coming to Crest Manor. The physical therapy here is more planned out compared to the hospital or home visits ,TJ, Marie, Dolly, and Lauren are so kind and thorough as well as great with boosting my husband’s morale. The exercises have boosted his spirits quite a lot and I see progress now. Taking care of Bob this way makes me relieved that he gets such great care here at Crest Manor.

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